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Lindec Concrete Soap® is specially developed to impregnate and maintain concrete surfaces and polished concrete surfaces. Lindec Concrete Soap® is used for daily cleaning and protects the concrete from discoloring and makes it dirt repellent and easy to maintain. Lindec

Concrete Soap® gives the floor a natural shine when used regulary.
Lindec Concrete Soap® leaves no water marks.
Daily cleaning is extremely important not only for keeping the floor clean but also for the well-being of your personnel.
Lindec Concrete Soap® prevents water-soluble dirt from being absorbed by the micropores of the surface, prevents slipping, and is
recommended for use on shopping malls. industrial floors, in workshops and in warehouses etc.
In order to prolong the lifetime of a concrete floor, you should only use recommended maintenance materials. Avoid alkaline and other aggressive chemicals.
For best results, your floors should be cleaned at regular intervals, and a scrubber dryer (scrubs and vacuums) is the most suitable equipment.
A nylon scouring pad should be used during the initial period in order to remove lime deposits and building residue. We recommend medium nylon scouring pad for the first two months, followed by fine nylon is less efficient.

Material consumption / m2 Concrete Soap®: Water: Scouring pad:
1.) Manual application: 1 dl 5 liter Applicator
2.) Cleaning/impregnation with scrubber dryer: 1 liter 10 liter Medium
3.) Daily cleaning with scrubber dryer: 0,5-1 dl 10 liter Fine Contents:Soap of selected fatty acids and fluid repellent components.

Transport and storage:
Concrete Soap is frost susceptible. Can be stored one year if unopened.
Protect from frost!
Plastic can, 25 liter, 10 liter.
Indoor Air Comfort Gold

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