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Lindec® VP900 Valued price choice

The VP choice (Valued Price) has a powerful 26 Hp Honda engine that drives the double fourbladed rotors to a top speed of 160 rpm and a top speed of 170 rpm with Torque Converter clutch.
Lindec® VP900 ride-on trowel has been designed for professional concrete flooring contractors and rental companies that have high demands for lower cost, lighter weight, high speed rotors, quality and durability.
A new era in the concrete industry for both bigger and smaller areas.
The machine is CE certified and follows all safety requirements of machine directives according to 2006/42/EG and AFS 2008:3

Standard features
• 26 hp Honda engine (GX690)
• Heavy duty gearboxes
• Specially produced spider arms containing seals to avoid concrete and concrete water getting into the spider cross, avoiding unnecessary maintenance.
• Prop shafts for best durability and easier steering
• High speed rotor (160 rpm) for superior finishing (170 rpm with Torque Converter clutch)
• Water proof electric connectors
• Two center lifting points, including lifting bridles
• Engine oil guard
• Adjustable seat
• CE approved
New! June 2018
• Optional with Torque Converter Clutch (170 rpm).

Lindec betongprodukter

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