LC1200D trowel

Lindec® LC1200D riding trowel has a powerful 35,5 Hp Lombardini/Kohler diesel engine which drives twin 5-blade rotors to a top speed of 180 rpm’s.
Lindec® LC1200D ride on power trowel (2x120 cm/46”) have been engineered for the professional flooring contractors for best possible performance.
This new model has lot of standard features and advantages such as: High speed rotors, Flip up guard rings – for cheaper freight and easy blade switch.
Flip up seat frame – for easy maintenance, service and repairs. Forklift pockets – for safer lifting. Super heavy duty gearboxes – for long lasting preformance.

Swedish design and Swedish production.

Basic data: LC1200D
Engine Lombardini, turbo diesel 35,5 hp
Dimensions (L x W x H) 260 x 127 x 142 cm
Panning width (pan) 240 cm
Finishing width (blades) 234 cm
Rotors (Diameter) 117 cm, 5-bladed
Maximum rotor speed 170 rpm
Weight 665 kg
Fuel capacity 30 liter
Water capacity 30 liter

Standard features
• 35,5 hp Lombardini/Kohler turbo diesel
• Hydraulic steering
• High speed rotors (170 rpm)
• Openable protective rings
• Main electric power switch
• Openable hatch under seat
• Openable front & side panels
• Oil and coolant filling easily accessible from the rider top
• Digital display for; Engine speed, Engine hours, Rotor speed, and Temperatures etc.
• Double (2) water spray system • Throttle cruise control
• 6 adjustable LED lamps
• 2 adjustable hand tool holders
• Waterproof electrical connections
• Two center lift points (lifting strap included)
• Integrated truck lift compartments
• Electric main power switch
• Document Box (Service Manual)
• Cup holder
• Adjustable seat
• 12 V charge socke

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